On June 17, 2017, The Detroit Public Library invited visitors to experience a stimulating, socially engaging exhibit, “In Bloom”.  The exhibit showcased seven female artists whose work varied in medium.  The work shared a commonality of using nature as the driving force to depict new perspectives.  “In Bloom” was a chance for these artists to create a new conversation about love, feminist ideals, diversity, and personal experiences.

All graduates from College for Creative Studies, we wanted to showcase a new body of work as a collective. We landed an amazing opportunity to work in conjunction with the Detroit Public Library and Friends to transform a space into a gallery for a one-night only event. The six of us spent months planning, sourcing, promoting, and creating for something that we had never done before. The result was beyond our expectations and as a group. Check out the gallery below for a peek of our process and the big night of "In Bloom".

Special thanks to Sean Everett, Director of The Detroit Public Library and Friends for giving us the opportunity to share our stories in a space that houses all stories.

Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.39.26 PM.png


In order to sustain the atmosphere of the space, we proposed to display our artwork by creating free standing structures that travelled throughout the room. We wanted to decorate entrance to the banquette hall with flowers, to correspond with
the show concept. 

Promotional materials : Flyer and Instagram teasers.

Promotional materials : Flyer and Instagram teasers.